Monday, November 7, 2011

Title Sequence

This poem isn't quite done, but I'll share it anyway since I've got nothing better to do today.

title sequence

the rest of the world will break your heart
but I am not them.
I’m a reformed Stay Puft,
a soft place to rest your head
as the voices echo
grief for dreams
they dreamed for you.
in my dreams, you’re the one dreaming.

my love for you is not blind
so much as it suffers tunnel vision.
this is a canceling of the variables
this is a reduction of the equation
so that it becomes easier to solve.
x is x is
x is our future.

why is it that new love has to be young and naive?
my love is wise beyond its years;
my love makes battlefields of thermostats;
my love has barometers for bones;
my love whispers profundities to no one,
blankets for shelter, between marathons
of Murder She Wrote and Matlock.
my love is ready to retire,
quit working so hard and just be,
laugh atop the Eiffel Tower
and show wallet sized photos
of other love it’s sprung
to passerbys who can barely speak English;
but damn if they don’t speak love.

my Carthusian heart
silent shouts quiet
from crests on your bed.

I’ve got 3-D glasses so good
your visions tickle the back of my brain until my eyes bleed.

I want to love you so hard
the mortician has to light the cigarette for my corpse
and I fall asleep excited to wake
next to you in the afterlife.

I want to kiss you so long vampires burn before the dawn
hoping to bear witness to passion
they’d only read about in Twilight.

I’ll show you yours if you show me mine,
the missing parts of our hearts
that tell us, Yes, Virginia,
there is a Santa Claus,
that show up about the time
the Neo of our love matrices does.
You are my One.

burn your love into my soul
once beauty fades, the titles roll.
crowds scoff at hour forevers,
but you as well as I know how forever flies.
You are not them.
You are not them.
You never were and could never be.
Your heart is safe, I could never break
that which I hope to keep.

Monday, October 24, 2011

What Happened?

Song-a-days were going strong. Things were good. Oh, what happened to this place?

Not only have I been working a lot lately, I've been focusing on other forms of writing. Don't worry though. I plan on doing song-a-days again in the near future. To hold you over, here's the last one I did.

DAY 25
I didn't time it or anything. It sounds eerily similar to Mumford and Sons.

Am Am F C

Break yourself before the dark
The city rides, early starts
the end begins again

There’s talk of standing up this time
Bitter words from idle minds
mix blood with sin

Hate them for their call for truth
That stems from lies and rotten roots
cut gangrene from your heart

They forge on quenching shallow thirsts
The shamrock’s black, the hope is cursed
pray the yam suph parts

G Am F C
Don’t hold for sun tomorrow
Bite the chains, get a start on

C G Am
One day this is gone

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 24 - Epic Fail

Taking the last few days off was a bad idea. Today was a struggle and this isn't even really a song. It's a few disjointed couplets and no chorus. I have a feeling I will continue to care less each time this occurs.

3:45 - 4:35
50 minutes
What I learned: Sometimes this hurts.

C E Am G

Who gets his cardboard castle when he finally dies?
Who gets the tin and tassel he always tries to hide?
Cause nothing’s a lot like something when it’s all you got
And barely getting by seems a lot like alive when everything stops

I got a lot of nothing going on in my life
So if time is money, I’m fucking rich cause all I got is time
Just give me a ride to nowhere, I’m already going there fast
I’m looking for nothing but trouble, cause nothing that’s good ever lasts

Forget the fast track, I’m getting lapped, laugh, your fat ass all day
I’ll give you the last laugh, if I can only laugh my life away
Cause I’s better before that ouija board left my mom and dad out of breath
It’s not too late to wait for fate to make the changes to my death

Day 23 - It Happened

I just didn't post it. And it's really short. And I did no stats.

Friday, however, I did miss. But only because I was recording all day with a new producers. Fun stuff in the future.

Here's what would ultimately be a country song.

G C Em D

Rise with me like a Pheonix into the sky tonight
Sail winds of the sun, and illuminate the world in golden lights
Ride waves with the Martians on the shores of the planets late this evening
We’ll never make a mark if we never make a start, all we talk about is leaving

Like hey, hi, by the way goodbye
Clocks tick tock, and our schedules tight
This was a delight, my how the time flies
When you’re always on the move,
what’ve we got to lose?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 22 - Double Down

Pretty much same spiel for this song, except I had internet yet still did not want to use a suggestion today or keep time. I may start to mix it up a bit more 'cause I'm loco like that. "Loco Like That", by the way, is my first Spanish single as soon as I get around to working on my all Spanish album.

Oh, fun fact, all my songs up to this point have been written on guitar, but I'm starting to feel confined with my chord choices. In other words, although I've come nowhere close to depleting the possible chord/rhythm combos, my brain keeps getting major deja vu and it's causing a little bit of writer's block. Pretty sure I've used this chord combo before, but it sounded completely different on the piano. Which brings me back to my point: I wrote this with the piano. I actually love how this turned out.

G Am Em C

My friends think I need to get away from here
Lock the doors, close the blinds, until my head is clear
I’m not thinking straight, my face on time, my hands are late
My soul cries out, I’m bleeding tears

You complicate things the way you kiss
The faces I dream are all the shots I've missed
Heart is shy, your passion bold, I’ll wake up dead, you’ll wake up cold
Bittersweet hellos to give

Cause I’ll fall asleep
then I'll fall in love with you

You'll wake from your dreams
and you'll break my heart in two.

This shit happens all the time,
can’t walk, I’m always crawling.
You’re stuck inside my mind
Can’t stand how I’m always falling
(Down, down in this town)

My friends think my words get in my way
Loose with my love, I’m giving it all away
Here’s to hoping it’s this place, a simple pack, a quick erase
Fingers crossed until it takes


Day 21 - Yes It Exists

My internet was out all yesterday so I couldn't post. Also, I guess I could have used my paper dictionary (or anything for that matter) to get a random word, but I decided to just try to come up with something organically based on how the chords made me feel. This is mostly a hook, although there might actually be two hooks for different songs in here. I don't know. The important thing is I accomplished something.

STATS: N/A (aka I didn't think to do them.)

Dm A# F C --- Capo 3

When all them bitches ask, who the fuck you with
Tell em you with us, cuz we always do it big

We throw it down, we throw one back
We drink all night til the lights turns black
Then we throw one back, we throw it down
Everybody knows we run this town

So get it lit, get it nice
Always ridin’ low, get it dirty tonight
Reach on back, we got drinks on ice
Go on and get a lift, go on and get it right

Raise your cups, Drink it up
Everybody drink free when we hit the club
Pop more bottles, cause more’s enough
If you dreaming big, we’re who you dreaming of
We're who you're dreaming of

Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 20 - Milestone

Ah back to the grind. Not a lot to say. This suggestion was very similar to an old suggestion, but I decided to stick with it. It's just a crappy sing-rap verse and a prayer you will likely recognize. I tried to write an original chorus but that kept popping into my head and it fit the verse somewhat so I embraced my laziness. Hey, at least I did something. Actually the hardest part of all this was finding chords that struck me. It just wasn't happening for me today.

suggestion: consciousness
start - 1:20
end - 1:59
39 minutes
What I Learned: I have something in common with Biggie, Snoop Dogg and Metallica. We've all used "Now I lay me down to sleep" in songs.

G Am Em C
Keep seeing this dream
For the life of me, I don’t know what it means
But it seems, that scenes I haven’t seen
Are stuck with me and they’re never gonna leave
Would you please, please believe
These memories on my chest won’t ever let me breathe
Can’t scream, nothing comes out no one comes for me
So I plead, should I cease, for quiet peace
When I die, at least a little rest
To those souls who’s soul my soul just left.

Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep,

If I shall die before I wake,

I pray the Lord my soul to take.