Monday, October 24, 2011

What Happened?

Song-a-days were going strong. Things were good. Oh, what happened to this place?

Not only have I been working a lot lately, I've been focusing on other forms of writing. Don't worry though. I plan on doing song-a-days again in the near future. To hold you over, here's the last one I did.

DAY 25
I didn't time it or anything. It sounds eerily similar to Mumford and Sons.

Am Am F C

Break yourself before the dark
The city rides, early starts
the end begins again

There’s talk of standing up this time
Bitter words from idle minds
mix blood with sin

Hate them for their call for truth
That stems from lies and rotten roots
cut gangrene from your heart

They forge on quenching shallow thirsts
The shamrock’s black, the hope is cursed
pray the yam suph parts

G Am F C
Don’t hold for sun tomorrow
Bite the chains, get a start on

C G Am
One day this is gone

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