Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 24 - Epic Fail

Taking the last few days off was a bad idea. Today was a struggle and this isn't even really a song. It's a few disjointed couplets and no chorus. I have a feeling I will continue to care less each time this occurs.

3:45 - 4:35
50 minutes
What I learned: Sometimes this hurts.

C E Am G

Who gets his cardboard castle when he finally dies?
Who gets the tin and tassel he always tries to hide?
Cause nothing’s a lot like something when it’s all you got
And barely getting by seems a lot like alive when everything stops

I got a lot of nothing going on in my life
So if time is money, I’m fucking rich cause all I got is time
Just give me a ride to nowhere, I’m already going there fast
I’m looking for nothing but trouble, cause nothing that’s good ever lasts

Forget the fast track, I’m getting lapped, laugh, your fat ass all day
I’ll give you the last laugh, if I can only laugh my life away
Cause I’s better before that ouija board left my mom and dad out of breath
It’s not too late to wait for fate to make the changes to my death

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