Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 23 - It Happened

I just didn't post it. And it's really short. And I did no stats.

Friday, however, I did miss. But only because I was recording all day with a new producers. Fun stuff in the future.

Here's what would ultimately be a country song.

G C Em D

Rise with me like a Pheonix into the sky tonight
Sail winds of the sun, and illuminate the world in golden lights
Ride waves with the Martians on the shores of the planets late this evening
We’ll never make a mark if we never make a start, all we talk about is leaving

Like hey, hi, by the way goodbye
Clocks tick tock, and our schedules tight
This was a delight, my how the time flies
When you’re always on the move,
what’ve we got to lose?

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