Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 22 - Double Down

Pretty much same spiel for this song, except I had internet yet still did not want to use a suggestion today or keep time. I may start to mix it up a bit more 'cause I'm loco like that. "Loco Like That", by the way, is my first Spanish single as soon as I get around to working on my all Spanish album.

Oh, fun fact, all my songs up to this point have been written on guitar, but I'm starting to feel confined with my chord choices. In other words, although I've come nowhere close to depleting the possible chord/rhythm combos, my brain keeps getting major deja vu and it's causing a little bit of writer's block. Pretty sure I've used this chord combo before, but it sounded completely different on the piano. Which brings me back to my point: I wrote this with the piano. I actually love how this turned out.

G Am Em C

My friends think I need to get away from here
Lock the doors, close the blinds, until my head is clear
I’m not thinking straight, my face on time, my hands are late
My soul cries out, I’m bleeding tears

You complicate things the way you kiss
The faces I dream are all the shots I've missed
Heart is shy, your passion bold, I’ll wake up dead, you’ll wake up cold
Bittersweet hellos to give

Cause I’ll fall asleep
then I'll fall in love with you

You'll wake from your dreams
and you'll break my heart in two.

This shit happens all the time,
can’t walk, I’m always crawling.
You’re stuck inside my mind
Can’t stand how I’m always falling
(Down, down in this town)

My friends think my words get in my way
Loose with my love, I’m giving it all away
Here’s to hoping it’s this place, a simple pack, a quick erase
Fingers crossed until it takes


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