Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 21 - Yes It Exists

My internet was out all yesterday so I couldn't post. Also, I guess I could have used my paper dictionary (or anything for that matter) to get a random word, but I decided to just try to come up with something organically based on how the chords made me feel. This is mostly a hook, although there might actually be two hooks for different songs in here. I don't know. The important thing is I accomplished something.

STATS: N/A (aka I didn't think to do them.)

Dm A# F C --- Capo 3

When all them bitches ask, who the fuck you with
Tell em you with us, cuz we always do it big

We throw it down, we throw one back
We drink all night til the lights turns black
Then we throw one back, we throw it down
Everybody knows we run this town

So get it lit, get it nice
Always ridin’ low, get it dirty tonight
Reach on back, we got drinks on ice
Go on and get a lift, go on and get it right

Raise your cups, Drink it up
Everybody drink free when we hit the club
Pop more bottles, cause more’s enough
If you dreaming big, we’re who you dreaming of
We're who you're dreaming of

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