Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 19 - Raincheck

I missed yesterday due to lack of shit to give and non-priority things that took priority over writing a song. So I'm cashing in the raincheck I subconsciously gave you for you on a glorious Saturday in LA. This song started off dangerously close to being pure cheddar cheese. That is, a song so cheesy it makes you nauseous because you were already lactose intolerant to begin with. Luckily, I used a bit of skillful wordplay to turn it into a song about two lovers running from the law, although that's just what I, the so-called "writer" of the song, think it's about, and I could very well be wrong.

suggestion: rainbow
start 4:26
end 4:46
20 minutes
What I learned: Push through ideas that make you want to check your pants for signs of remaining masculinity until your work becomes so vague you could pretty much be referring to anything. Also, a catchy tune is even better at disguising crap than Christmas paper and a pretty ribbon.

A E F#m D - capo 5

I’ve got a little bit of sunshine I keep for cloudy days
I’ve got a mason jar of rainbows I save for when it rains

Whatever the weather, whether it’s wetter
It’s forever better when we’re together
And haven’t you met her? I bet her we’re better
Whenever the letter arrives

And we can finally say goodbye
We got to go, got to fly
I know this comes as a surprise
This was really nice, nice to meet you, but goodbye

I’ve got a pocket full of keys I keep to open doors
I’ve got a suitcase of disguises we wear when we get bored


I’ve got six shooters in my glovebox when the game’s too close to call
I’ve got a pocket lined with dirt, so we don't have to take a fall


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