Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 18 - Words To Your Mother

I wanted to challenge myself a little bit or at least do something different so this is sort of a puzzle song. As in, the suggestion was acronym which immediately made me think of an acrostic poem. So I wrote my "Y axis" letters out, creating a message I assumed I would find to be true - "Fuck this is really hard." I then set further boundaries, (1) the first word in each stanza had to be that stanza's particular acrostic, and (2) that stanza's first line had to end with the remaining words in the acrostic. Hopefully it makes more sense to see it.

I hate this as a song even though it works for the most part, but I guess as a word puzzle it's OK.

Suggestion: Acronym
Start: 11:30am
end: 12:00
30 minutes
What I learned: Acrostics aren't as hard as I thought they'd be. That being said, this song didn't turn out all that great and it doesn't exactly make sense.

D A Em G

FUCK, this is really hard
Unless you know just what to do
Count your blessings when things begin to click
Knowledge always pulls you through

THIS is really hard
How do you survive with all these words?
I feel the paper walls caving in on me
Silencing things I want to verb.

IS REality this? This is really hard
Surely no one truly lives this way
Reclusive with their little tricks games
Entertained by all their quiet days

ALLY hard?
Look I didn’t think I’d be getting this excited
Lame excuse, but I swear it’s true
You usually seem to like it.

Anything at all would be harder than this
Really it’s just a bunch of shit on a page
Dreaming of the money we’ll get.

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