Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day 17 - Story Time!

Pretty sure this is the final verse of a longer story, but you'll get a snippet of the whole thing. I'd like to go back and finish the song telling the whole story. In my mind at the beginning, the king has just lost his wife to the plague that's killing everyone. And despite everyone else's pain the king can only think of his own. So when he stares out at his enemy riding in to take advantage of his weak position, he resigns himself to death. Pretty heartwarming but what did you expect? Dick jokes?

suggestion: Protection
start: 6:58
end: 7:50
42 total
What I Learned: I searched for Protection and I found a religious website that preached against hundreds of occult symbols that show up in our everyday lives. Save your children, "especially [this particular religion's] children" (direct quote) from things like the U.S. one dollar bill. (Because of it's all seeing eye on the back). So the U.S. trusts in God, but apparently he doesn't trust them...

Em G D A

The frightened king sat upon his throne
and watched his kingdom down below
So much pain, grief, despair,
People dying everywhere.

The king told guards, one and all
Fetch every rock, build up my walls.
Shut me off, from the earth
The guards did that without a stir.

Through tiny window, he watched for death
He wondered which were wasted breaths
As they filled the final stone
The king cried out to those below

Please forgive me, if the city burns down before my very eyes
Please miss me, when I’m history, cause my cowardice is lies
You should have seen me, seen the real me, before my lover died.
You would have loved me, that’s your real king,
the one that would have saved your lives
Oh but I’m no longer he, He’s no longer I

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