Monday, September 5, 2011

Day 15 - Dolla Dolla Bills Y'all

Happy Labor Day! I was planning on taking today off, and I'm not sure why I wrote something instead of hanging out at the pool. Oh, well. No big lead in. Another rap verse and short hook that I will probably revisit in the future and finish because I like where it's going. Dirty words. Enjoy.

suggestion: Opinion
start: 4:34
End - 5:25
51 minutes

Em G D Bm - capo 7

You bitches jealous of the money that I’m makin'
If I wanted your opinion, I’d take it, I’d take it

You critics all jealous of the money that I’m makin’
If I wanted your opinion, I’d fucking take it,
I’m on the way to made it, bitch you just maid it
I hit it so good, all ya pussies can’t fake it
I’m using the system, I ain’t create it
Don’t have to think about the game, I just play it
But you chokin’ on your tokin’, like a toddler in an arcade
I’m breathing all the smoke in, and you a dinosaur already
Came here to party, where the party at?
Girl, your fad is faded, but I’ll bring you back
Like I’ll take you home, then I’ll make you known
While I get the throne all these others get thrown

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