Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 13 - Getting Lazy

So for some reason I've been a little more judgmental of the songs as of late. This one fails my test and despite the fact that I've written worse and this is just an experiment of sorts, I'm hesitant to post it. I feel like it's a lazy effort on my part in some way. Perhaps it was lazy because I'm hungover. Yet another one verse, shit chorus. Guess those are my specialty...

Suggestion: Outgoing
start: 1:40
end: 3:00
What I learned: Bleh. Shit sounds good when your head's already full of it.

Bm A G D
Hi girl, you’re a pretty fly girl
Are you high girl, or are you just shy girl?
Either way’s okay, you can be my girl
I can show you my world. My world,
It’s a bird’s eye view all the way at the top
Heaven’s next door, yeah I go there a lot
Cuz my life’s been mostly divine intervention
The elevator’s quick when you’ve only good intentions

Hey miss can I steal a kiss, maybe two if I really persist
Don’t say no, don’t resist, I wrote you a hook and it goes like this

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