Friday, August 5, 2011


So I'll probably regret making this goal after only a few days, but I am laying down a challenge to myself to post one song per weekday. But not just any song. It has to be a song I wrote that day. And not a song I've been planning to write either. I will get a suggestion from a Random Word Generator and write a song inspired by that suggestion as quickly as possible. I will also write my start and end time to get an idea of how long writing a song takes for me and if there's any correlation between time spent and the overall quality of the song.

Do I really think I can write 250 songs in a year? Absolutely not. But I'll try for a few days. After all, my biggest talent is not finishing things so if I fail, I'm only reinforcing one of the things I'm great at.

I sort of set the bar a little high for myself already as this is the song I wrote today.

Suggestion: Expressway
Time Started - 2:01, Time Completed - 2:47, Time to Completion - 46 minutes

Em C G D

Always building, all these buildings, all these bills, filled with chilly feelings
minds reeling, is this real, feelin real ill, can’t stop the ceiling
from closing in on me, collapse upon these hopes and dreams
straight through the seams, and though the seamstress seems to know these things
she don’t stop, why not? what’s the problem? watch em hop like concrete goblins
can’t beat it, join the mob then, the pyramid’s weight rests on the bottom
can we just pretend, it will end, you smoothed out the edges what’s left to mend
we all break, can’t seem to bend, first the 405, what’s next the 10?

Leave my expressway alone
Don’t tell me surface streets are the best way home. they’re not

No expressway, esse, what’s the best way, some kid asked me in his essay,
Let’s say, better yet, let’s pray, that the cars are far, and not driving this way
Google maps where ya at, I expect the haps, hope you have a laugh
If this weren’t serious, it’d be a gas, but people relapse after two or three laps
In the traffic, you lose good habits, nuns run around, where’s my hat who has it
so tragic, no faith in magic, environment’s illusion, use it, take it’s rabbit.
Shame we put the blame in politics, after all we all crackheads waiting on our fix
give me free money, Quick, I need this shit, disappearing green is our only trick

*Can't figure out how to upload songs so I will have to save that for the future.

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