Thursday, August 11, 2011

Song a Day - Day 7 - Last Resort

A week of songs daily. Nice. Can't decide if that's an accomplishment to be proud of or simply proof of my lack of a life. I'm actually probably going to have to take a break for a few days as I will be spending 14 hours days on a short film set until next week. I will post a new song when I can but I make no promises. So this may be the last Song a Day until next week. Sad panda.

Suggestion: Despair
Start - 3:29, End - 3:49, Total - 20 minutes
What I learned: My life is sadder than I thought as this is a much more accurate reflection of my game than yesterday's song. Once again I pushed away from directly using the suggestion. Despair made me think of desperation...

Capo 4 -- Dm Am E Am
All alone on a Friday night
Looking round the bar ain’t a girl in sight
Been months since I brought girl back
Tonight was the night thought I’d get it on track

Scroll through contacts, sending out texts
No responses, but what did I expect?
Last girl’s labeled Don’t Do It To Yourself
I’ll just keep it a secret, I mean who would I tell?

I’m calling my last resort girl
Not my first choice, she my last resort girl
I’m calling my last resort girl
Others turned me down, you’re my last resort girl

She writes back, I call her up
Say I'm kind of lonely how bout a little love
I hold my breath, but she just laughs
Her first choice is on his way, and I would be her last

I called up my last resort girl
Turns out I’m a last resort for her
I called up my last resort girl
Just got shot down by my last resort girl

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