Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 9 - Back to Normal

As hilarious as yesterday's song was, I really wanted to get back to some normal lyrics which was ironic because the suggestion I got was "normal". I had actually spent all morning trying to write a new song or at least a new hook/chorus to no avail. Then lo and behold I get a random word and presto, the song comes easily. I spent 2 hours on what is a fragment of a song but that time is deceiving because I also watched most of Thank You For Smoking in between as well.

Suggestion: Normal
Time Start - 2:51, finish - 4:51
Total - 2 hours
What I learned: Sometimes you just need a word to get you an easy start. Taking a random word and using it to start a sentence or phrase is a great way to escape writer's block. This song also reinforced following the song instead of leading it. I tried hard to force another idea onto it and that effort ultimately failed and led to this.

G D Em C
Normally, I’m a little more shy,
but I’m about to leave, couldn’t bear to say good bye
Without your name, number and a promise that you’ll answer,
I’ll be your music man, you can be my tiny dancer

Normally, I’d be walking out the door
You’d be talking to some dude, looking pretty, bored
But I had to make you laugh if only for a while
hate to think it’d be the day no one saw you smile

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