Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 4 - Just Wow

Seriously, wow. What have I written? This is literally the weirdest* thing I've ever written. I have no idea what possessed me to do it. I'm a bit hungover and delirious so maybe that's it. I actually do think there's a funny concept here, I'm not sure this draft captures as much funny as strange. And before you go philosophizing over the meaning behind the lyrics, don't bother. There are absolutely no euphemisms in the lyrics. They are meant to be taken extremely literally.
*the weirdest thing I will ever admit** to writing
**I will probably admit to weirder things for the sake of comedy

Suggestion: Biscuit
start - 5:33, end - 5:53, 20 minutes
What I Learned: I have a really weird mind. Twenty minutes? Is there any correlation to odd and whimsical songs?

D Bm G A - Capo 7
If you’re wondering what I do for breakfast, I lick biscuits
Not the dirty biscuit, the kind of biscuit you might have in your kitchen
If you think that’s weird, well I don’t care, you can just go stick it.
I like my biscuits super hot, but not so hot that it's hard to lick them

I’m licking biscuits
I’d sure miss it
The biscuit gets it
He lets me lick him

When I finish licking biscuits, I like to stuff a kitten
Not the dirty kitten, but the kind of kitten you might have as a pet
They’re dead of course, it’s way too hard to stuff live kittens
You can find lots of them in the dump behind the vet.

I’m stuffing kittens
I’d sure miss it
The kitten gets it
Just like the biscuit

I’m licking biscuits
I’d sure miss it
The biscuit gets it
He lets me lick him

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