Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 12 - The Land of First Verses

Did I ever say these needed to be full songs? If I didn't, I'm still not saying it right now. So much pressure is off when you only have to come up with part of a song. I imagine there's a lot less stress on a rapper to come up with a verse than for the Red Hot Chili Peppers to finish a song. Oh wait, maybe that's not a good analogy as the newest RHCP album is not quite as quality. I mean, they got away with tossing a bunch of non sequiturs on top of catchy tunes once, of course we were going to catch on if they tried that again. Anyways, here's another rap(pish) song for ya. Which brings me back to what I started with, it's just a verse (and a shitty filler chorus).

suggestion: arrest
start: 11:22
end: 12:00
38 minutes
What I learned: Further solidification of the theory that it's best to push away from immediate ideas the suggestion stirs up.

G Am7 Em Em

Hold girl, can I steal a kiss?
I’m shoplifting chocolate, and I heard ye is
sweet like candy, this just can’t be
need a back up back up, need a plan c
You got my heart locked up, cardiac arrest
Cessation of the rhythm, my brain can attest
You got me shook up, you got the hook up
your love’s some drugs, I never think I took enough
It’s an addiction, my affliction’s a depiction of your thoughts
Don’t wanna give directions to your heart, I’m always lost
Like I lost, it’s like I’m off,
But I still control the ball, the problem’s not my toss
It’s the score, it’s all yours
I’m scoring more points but your points are worth more
And isn’t that the way that it always is
Hearts take from the collection when they supposed to give?

Ooh, ya takin all my love
Ooh, ya’ve taken all my love

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