Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 11 - The Day that almost wasn't

In case you can't guess from the time, this song almost didn't happen. Hurt my finger so I had to create music on garage band to do something over instead. This one turned out to be a rap. As much as I struggled I like elements of it, I will definitely revisit it in the future.

Suggestion: Unconscious
Start - 10:45
end - 12:20
Time to finish - tired, you do the math
What I learned: I like sleep.

(some drums, loops and simple chords on garage band, i believe in the key of D)

Summertime came and summertime went
Only way I know’s by the money I spent
Cash for Bentley’s cash for hos.
Cash for Carlos on chick patrol
We dreamin, keep blinging,
it’s semen, they fiendin,
to seize it and keep it,
hit this shiz, this weed is creepin,
Creeping and sneaking up on me
Exactly like the po-police
Could someone puh-puh-please tell me
Why they lockin it down and sayin it’s free?
Hold up, I thought I told ya
I’m pretty shallow, watch out I’ll shoal ya
Get caught up, attention soldier
Colorado air, that's right I’m Boulder
No time for skeptics, we getting older
Call you Skully, hit it like Mulder
Get up in it in a minute
once we spin it we can win it
Pretending that it’s ending
when really we just end it

This is the chorus, the verses force us
To listen to noises and question the forces
Enormous torque is required for its
High pitched voices, wonder whose the choice is?

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  1. Oh yeah -- The connection to unconscious -- this version started as an ode to a summer dream girl and quickly morphed.