Sunday, October 3, 2010

TV Re-Imagined

I don’t have cable so when I hear people talking about the latest episode of their favorite TV show, I have to make a quick assumption about the kind of show they’re describing. It’s either that or trust Wikipedia, which I don’t.

The Hard Times of RJ Berger

About: Examines the hard times of RJ, the man behind the mask of the Hamburglar, who falls from Ronald McDonald’s good graces after eating an Apple Pie.

Kinda Like: The story of Adam and Eve meets “Oz” in and around a dilapidated McDonald’s.

Tagline: The burger they are, the harder they fall.

You might hear me say: Ha! Mayor McCheese’s hat is way too small for his head!

MTV Cribs

About: Celebrity babies and their accessories.

Kinda Like: "Look Who’s Talking" meets an upper class version of Ikea for infants.

Tagline: Rock-a-Buy some expensive shit!

You might hear me say: How pompous are these celebrity babies?

30 Rock

About: An in-debt astronaut with a good heart discovers valuable crack rocks on another planet and a battle for the resources ensues much to the dismay of the native inhabitants.

Kinda Like: "The Wire" meets "Avatar".

Tagline: Scratch your itch on NBC this fall.

You might hear me say: I’ve only smoked crack once, so it’s kind of hard for me to relate to the main character.


About: A retired tailor has one last job -- to keep the President’s sweater from completely unraveling or Communism wins.

Kinda Like: "24" meets "Project Runway".

Tagline: Keep pulling.

You might hear me say: America!

Private Practice

About: A satirical look at the exclusion policies of professional sports practices.

Kinda Like: "The Skulls" meets Sportscenter.

Tagline: Coming This Summer, By Invitation Only

You might hear me say: I just can't get into to this show.

Grey’s Anatomy

About: The sexual exploration of teenage Darcy Grey in a musical format.

Kinda Like: High School Musical meets late night Cinemax.

Tagline: Biology has never been so much fun.

You might hear me say: I thought they were going to show more boob.

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