Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Brief Note on Narflocks

An excerpt from the Narflock encyclopedia:

Mating Rituals

The Narflock's mating rituals are commonly misconstrued by other species in the universe as a forced entry gang bang. This is for two reasons:

1.) The female Narflock must be angry during conception or the resulting offspring will be weak and prone to empathy.

2.) The male Narflock can only produce one sperm at a time, thereby making multiple partners much more likely to yield. In fact, since some partners are inexplicably incompatible, having multiple partners logically eradicates the possibility that the mating phase of the Narflocks life could be fruitless.

Once the female is impregnated, the males are not allowed to participate in any other mating rituals until the child is born. When the child is born, if it is a female it will go with the mother regardless of the father; the mother will not mate again until the child turns 90 Narflock moons and is thereby old enough to begin the mating rituals herself. If the child is male, the father will be able to tell ownership from the odor of the boy’s flatulence. All father’s without a son to raise return to mating until that proud day when they too smell their family scent from their son’s rear atrium.

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