Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Brief Thought on Pornography Writing

Do porn writers offer readings to promote their newly published books? What kind of people would openly attend these readings? How does the author choose the passage he reads? Well written or shock value?

A fan meets her idol:

-I absolutely loved As I Lay Muff Diving. Darl’s character changed the way I pleasure myself.

Two attendees discuss the reading:

-I have to say, I could have used more of the moaning when he was reading the oral sex scene.
-I thought they were going to serve food at this thing.

A review of the book:

-Sadly, As I Lay Muff Diving falls short; it comes across as not much more than a vast overgeneralization of the evolution of the swinger’s movement in colonial America.

An excerpt:

-From the shouts of Paul Revere that night it was easy to surmise that the redcoats were coming.

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