Saturday, July 4, 2009


The weather’s great, but the weathermen predicted overcast so the beach isn’t too crowded. You can tell who’s been out longest because their skin is pink by lunch.

Some girls talk trash about their Valley equivalents while waiting in a several-hundred-person line for the bathroom.

There’s a volleyball match going on somewhere. A drunk player dives into the sand to save a shot he would have no chance at sober. The victory cries come from a mix of joy and dehydration.

Sandaled feet drag up and down the pathway as men as old as eighty resting on the nearby porches don’t bother to cover their stares. Too small bikinis encourage them.

An overheard conversation between two sixty year old men:

The view sure is nice today.
Yep. Fourth of July weekend, I don’t even need my viagra.

They laugh.

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